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The Singles Epidemic

50% of all adults: Now Single!

In America, 50% of all people are single! That’s a lot of alone people! So, why is this?

If 50% of people are single that should mean there’s an abundance of available potential mates. These tens of millions of single people looking for love have created a multi million dollar dating industry. Online dating sites exploded on the scene promising to find the perfect match. Book store shelves are lined row upon row with advice for the lovelorn.

Yet the statistics don’t lie, IT’S NOT WORKING!

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that roughly 125 million Americans over the age of 16, or 50.2 percent, are currently single. That’s up from 37.6 percent in 1976. With all the dating advice…all of dating coaches and all of the match making sites combined the abundance of 125 million potential mates seeking the same thing as you…a loving healthy relationship….but it is NOT Working!

Why not?

First, you need to know, being single is not your fault! It’s a learned behavior!

The one thing over looked when trying to solve the issue of being single is the root cause. I made a discovery. The cause behind much of the singles epidemic is because it is a learned behavior…what I call Incidental Childhood Programming or (ICP)


 Incidental Childhood Programing

Think of it this way. Your brain is like an organic super computer. Since birth you have taken in a vast amount of information from your environment and your brain has processed and stored this information. It’s the basis behind how you learn. In essence your brain has a collection of programs running 24/7. Programs run your life.

Between birth and age seven you were awake for about 1,800,000 minutes (1.8 million). In each of those minutes, you were experiencing the world around you. You were interacting with a whole host of people: parents, grandparents, siblings, care givers, friends and strangers.
Your little mind was a sponge; taking in information from your environment, tuning into your parents’ conversations. Events were happening around you. You observed how people close to you interacted among themselves and with people outside your world.

Childhood ‘events’ created a wide spectrum of experiences ranging from good experiences to bad experiences. The young ‘you’ was experiencing the world as it was happening. As these events were happening, your young inexperienced brain was trying to make sense of them. When occurrences happened that you did not fully comprehend, your young mind attached meanings based on limited knowledge. This was where the root programs about dating and relationships were formed. These programs are buried deep in your subconscious.

Incidental Childhood Programming is the reason so many people like YOU are single today!


You Were Programmed to be Single

The reason most every dating program falls short of success is they fail to address and eliminate the root problem, which is your unsupportive non-conscious programs. While your thinking conscious mind has every intention, want and desire to find your soul mate, unacknowledged fears, beliefs and unhealthy conditioning’s lurk in the depths of your non-conscious mind.

These silent saboteurs continually pull the rug out from under you.

How many times have you gone thru a personal development program, seen a motivational speaker, hired a personal coach where at first you feel great! Then as the days and weeks wear on, you slide back into your old patters! It’s the same with New Years resolutions. You have a desire to make a change but by mid January you slip back into your old pattern.

The reason: those hidden programs running outside of your awareness; your silent saboteurs! I discovered a method to erase these silently sabotaging programs using the cutting edge Zero Point Method. It is a one-on-one guided introspection that, with GPS-like precision, gets to the root cause of a behavior or pattern identifying hidden fears, beliefs, vows and conditioning that are unconsciously holding you back from finding love.

When Incidental Childhood Programs are neutralized and cleared, a whole world of relationship possibilities opens up to YOU!

Be and feel sexually attractive, meet your soulmate, while feeling confident about who you are!

Clear Your Disempowering Programs in Just 12 Weeks

1:1 Sessions via Skype, Face Time, Messenger or Telephone



There are 2 ways to facilitate your sessions: Via video link using Skype, Face Time, Messenger or by telephone. Using a video link platform like Skype, Messenger or Face Time allows us to bring the one on one session’s right into your home or office anywhere in the world!

It’s just like being in the same room. The best part about about these video platforms is that it is Free!

Telephone – If a video link is not an option we can conduct it over the telephone. You will be responsible calling in thus any long distance charges.

Working through a video platform is preferred.

Clearing Your Subconscious Programing

The initial few sessions begin with a general discussion of the relationship issues you are facing; the things are not ideal; where you are in your relationship life vs. where you want to be. This brings to the surface behaviors, patterns and strategies of avoidance you use which do not support the direction you want to go.

Using the Zero Point Method, we drill right to the root moment or series of moments when the foundation for dis-empowerment was laid. When that ‘crystallizing moment’ is exposed we move to the phase of the session where we neutralize it.

Metaphorically we ‘tear it out from its roots’ so it’s dead and gone. A new positive foundation is constructed.

At the end of the session, on this new foundation, you will create an action plan for implementing your new found clarity.


About the Zero Point Method

The Zero Point Method is an eyes-closed guided visualization process. It’s like watching scenes from your life on a big movie screen in your mind.



In this relaxed state you are free of distractions from the visual world. We explore and identify incidental programs and discharge them.

Each session runs approximately 2 hours.

As you advance in your series of sessions they will become even more focused and pinpointed. The clearing will have compounding effects. Once eliminated, a dis-empowering program often stops adversely affecting you immediately! That is why this program is so effective!


How the 12 Week Clearing Program Works

12 Week Clean Sweep Program:

You Receive:
– 12 sessions scheduled 1 every week for 3 months. Each session will explore, identify and clear the subconscious programs that stop you from attracting, maintaining or sustaining a long lasting relationship.
Plus each week we’ll create an action plan for the next steps you need to take.
The following areas will be covered:

Session #1: Clear foundational subconscious programs upon which all other programs flow from.

Session #2: Clear second level subconscious programs.

Session #3: Clear hidden fears about dating, relationships and marriage.

Session #4: Clear programs affecting your confidence and self esteem.

Session #5: Clear programs specific to early female influences such as mom, step mom or grandmother .

Session #6: Clear programs specific to early male influences such as dad, step dad or grandfather.

Session #7: Clear programs driving dis-empowering beliefs about love.

Session #8: Create the vision for your perfect partner.

Session #9: Clear programs causing procrastination.

Session #10: Clear programs connected to your need to control, comply or rebel.

Session #11: Clear programs keeping you from being able to move on from past failures.

Session #12: Identify your true purpose in life, love and companionship.

-Extended session times (when needed)

-Unlimited email support

What results can you expect?

It’s the morning following your 12th session. You step into the bright sunshine feeling revived. Your surroundings are the same but everything feels different. The difference is you! Your friends sense that difference and want that ‘it’ you now posses. You are free of your old baggage! Your mind is crystal clear and you are ready to take action.The design of this “Clean Sweep” is to do exactly what the name says; provide you with an empowering boost by sweeping clean a minimum of 12 sabotaging non-conscious programs that are holding you back from the relationship you want.

The game has changed! This is now your game and you are calling the shots! Your life flows with ease as new relationship opportunities open up. Now free of more than 12 sabotaging programs, you feel empowered; your future is wide open and all relationship possibilities abound.

You can expect to:

– clear out the most destructive sabotaging programs that unconsciously hold you back from finding love including: hidden fears and phobias, disempowering vows, judgments and covert insecurities.

– be free from sabotaging behaviors or patterns.

– be free to move on from past mistakes and failures.

– be free to move on from past emotional or physical traumas that are unconsciously limiting you.

– have reduced stress.

– have a clear picture of your unlimited relationship potential.

– have clarity of thought.

– have boundless confidence.

– speak from a place of authenticity.

– have absolute freedom to find the relationship you want.

an action plan to attract your soulmate.

– be empowered with a clean slate and the ability to chart the future YOU envision.

– be able to take decisive action.

– see relationship opportunities that are currently hidden from your view.

Yes! I'm Ready! I Want to be FREE to have the relationship I deserve!

4 Package Options

These package options are designed to give you flexibility of choice.

Perhaps you are a bit unsure and just want to "dip your toe into the water." You can start with the first clearing session to test the waters....or maybe, like the way you are with your relationships, you are only willing to commit half way (that is a definite sign of subconscious programming) the 6 session plan would be for you. Or if you have a inner gut knowing that the full 12 session clean sweep is what you need, this is the package to choose.

Full Clean Sweep

12 Sessions, scheduled one per week over 3 months.

You will clear a minimum of 12 areas of subconscious programing.

Your Investment: $2895.00

6 Session Pack

6 sessions, scheduled one per week over a month and a half.

You will clear a minimum of 6 areas of subconscious programing.

Your Investment:  $1595.00

4 Session Pack

4 sessions, scheduled one per week over 1 month.

You will clear a minimum of 4 areas of subconscious programing.

Your investment :  $1195.00

Single Session

 1 session - up to 2 hours in length.

This session is designed to clear at least 1 area of subconscious programing.

Your investment :  $499.00

*All funds in USD

Yes! I'm ready to clear my programming....and attract the relationship I deserve!

If you’re serious about clearing the programming that is keeping you single, then complete the contact form. We’ll set up a FREE 15 minute phone call to outline your specific relationship issues and the outcomes you are looking for. I'll answer all of your questions.

If this program is a fit for you then we'll schedule a weekly appointment time and start your clearing process.


Enroll Here

The Hitch Academy Story

I’m D. Kelly Krip, founder of Hitch Academy and facilitator of The Zeropoint Method.

This is the Hitch Academy story….

In the mid 2000’s my life was in a rut. I was miserable in all aspects of life: including career and ALL my relationships both personal and professional. I needed to fix it.

I read motivational books, watched videos like The Secret…but nothing seemed to work.

So, why not?

I found the answer when I discovered the concept of subconscious programming. I coined the term Incidental Childhood Programming. This is when the experiences of your childhood embed a series of fears, beliefs and other conditioning’s into your subconscious mind.

A light bulb went on and I was able to see why I was the way I was. I had programs running below my conscious awareness. They were making a devastating impact on how my adult life was playing out.

I began studying techniques on how to removal these programs and entered into my own intensive clearing journey. The shifts in my being were dramatic! And along the way I began training to facilitate the clearing process.



After entering into my private practice I soon noticed that issues with relationships were a common problem with many of my clients....And something beautiful started to happen. As my clients cleared their programming, their relationship problems dissolved.

Those who were single, soon met their soul mates. Those in troubled relationships easily moved on and soon found new loving partners.

Hitch Academy was born!

I believe we all have a soul mate and finding yours is possible when your childhood Programming is cleared. I would be honored to take you through this 12 week clearing journey.

What our clients say

This program was life changing!
I can confidently state that I am an amazing woman! Prior to the sessions, I was stuck in the past. I was holding on to feeling unworthy of having an amazing life with meaningful relationships and a life with clear purpose. Duane has helped me look deep down into my heart. I feel so free letting go the past and I am looking forward to dating again because it is my highest intention to attract the most amazing man! I know that I am a flawless energy and I can’t help but smile knowing that my life is already amazing!

Jaimie V

The fear I used to have when talking to women has disappeared
I feel more confident in my ability to talk to and meet women. I can look them in the eye and I have stopped procrastinating about meeting women
I feel that my confidence has changed for the better. I feel like I know what I want in a partner. This program gets deep into the programs that have you frozen in your ability to find a lasting relationship. It helped me by diving deep into my subconscious to unlock issues I had deeply embedded.

Trevor S

I have been searching for a program like this for years
“Duane is a natural and I am so grateful for this experience. This program has provided me with greater clarity, forgiveness for my past and myself/others, belief in myself, and most of all having the courage and confidence to pursue my goals and dreams. The best way to describe the program is being reborn again and having a crystal clear vision of your life. I felt extremely comfortable with Duane and his guidance during each session was genuine, kind, and very caring. I have found my true self and I am so excited for my future. Duane is simply the best and I feel so lucky to have met him. Thank you for all your support and encouragement during the program. I look forward to having more session with Duane.”

Kiran T

A Baby On The Way!
“I was in an unhappy marriage to an unfaithful man. These sessions gave me the strength to leave that marriage. Within one year I met the man of my dreams. We married and are expecting our first child. Thank-you!

Chris G

A Take On The World Feeling

“The sessions left me with sense of colossally heightened joy and deep contentment. A winning combination, that, “Take on the world!”, feeling. The best part: it is now a resource I can tap with limitless frequency!”


Jill U

Able To See New Possibilities
“His calmness and warmth made me feel safe instantly. It was easy to let go of any nervousness and just relax during the process. After the sessions I felt tremendously relieved and energized, ready to take on the world! I have continued to enjoy more vitality and a sense of lightness, and I see new possibilities in all areas of my life!”


Anna F.

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