About Us

I'm D. Kelly Krip, founder of Hitch Academy and facilitator of The Zeropoint Method.

This is the Hitch Academy story....

In the mid 2000’s my life was in a rut. I was miserable in all aspects of life: including career and ALL my relationships both personal and professional. I needed to fix it. 

I read motivational books, watched videos like The Secret...but nothing seemed to work. 

So, why not? 

I found the answer when I discovered the concept of subconscious programming. I coined the term Incidental Childhood Programming. This is when the experiences of your childhood embed a series of fears, beliefs and other conditioning's into your subconscious mind. 

A light bulb went on and I was able to see why I was the way I was. I had programs running below my conscious awareness. They were making a devastating impact on how my adult life was playing out.

I began studying techniques on how to removal these programs and entered into my own intensive clearing journey. The shifts in my being were dramatic! And along the way I began training to facilitate the clearing process.

After entering into my private practice I soon noticed that issues with relationships were a common problem with many of my clients....And something beautiful started to happen. As my clients cleared their programming, their relationship problems dissolved. 

Those who were single, soon met their soul mates. Those in troubled relationships easily moved on and soon found new loving partners.

Hitch Academy was born!

I believe we all have a soul mate and finding yours is possible when your childhood Programming is cleared.

I would be honored to take you through this 12 week clearing journey.

If what I just said resonates with you, we can schedule a FREE 15 minute "get to know you" phone call to see if this program is a fit for you.

Just fill out the contact information and we can get started.